A rogue-like couch-co-op game

Derailed! is a rogue-like couch-co-op multiplayer game where you have to work together with your friends to build a train track across endless procedurally generated worlds. Master random encounters with both friendly and hostile inhabitants, upgrade your train and keep it from derailing!

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Cooperate to Reach Further than Ever Before

After successfully passing the tutorial, the first thing you’ll do is to gather some wood and iron to craft your first tracks. You will have to decide who among your peers gets to do which job so that your team functions like a clockwork producing and laying out tracks in a line. Of course that is until you are trapped in a flock of unbudging cows, you reach a choke point in the terrain that cuts you off from your crafting wagon or your train starts burning in flames because someone forgot to water it.

Explore a Unique World

If however you manage to survive, after some time you will see the landscape change, from the grass green Switzerland over snowy mountains populated by scary yetis and sleepy walruses through a far reaching desert where bandits lurk around every cactus and lush oases with camels tanning in the sun to an ecosystem interweaved by hot lava streams and haunted by otherworldly creatures.

Meet its inhabitants

On your journey you will have numerous encounters with the inhabitants of the world. Some are friendly and might help you while others are very dangerous.


While travelling through the world of Derailed! you might even encounter a talking squirrel asking you to help it find its long lost acorn, an old shepherd in search of an apprentice or a castle in your way with soldiers that want to be bribed to let you pass. If you complete a quest you’ll get a rewards that may be traded in with merchants for power ups to upgrade the train, the tools, and the characters abilities carrying over to your next playthrough.

Art Style

The game in its entirety, from used fonts over UI and character and environment models to particle effects is designed with a coherently blocky look. Even the animation is realised by the stop motion technique. All models are designed to be easily recognizable in the heat of the action. Through the artstyle, we want to give an impression of a small toy world, with which the player interacts through a view from above.